Vice Polemarch

Roosevelt Johnson


Freeman Hayes

Keeper of Exchequer

 and Historian

Ernest G. Clayton

Alex, Austin

Brown, Charles

Brown, Harold

Brown,III, Jefferson

Bruce, Aaron

Buncum, Dameian

Clayton, Ernest G. #

Conley Jr., George

Cooper, Bernard

Cooper, Quentin

Dortch, Darrell

English, Aaron L.

Fisher, Bret W. #

Forbes, Daryl J. #

Foster, Henry III

Gilbert Harlan

Graham, Rodney

Griffith, Matthew

Griffith, Stanley

Hatcher, James

Hayes, Freeman

Hereford, J. Eric #

Hereford, Ricky

Hodges, Dennis

Jeff Jones

Johnson, Alex

Johnson, Lawrence #

Johnson, Pat (Ronald)

Johnson, Roosevelt

Kindred II, Charles #

Knight, Samuel B. #

Lewis Jr., DeJuan

Lewis, Harold

Logan, Theophilus A * #

Logan, William

Lott, Ron

McMillian, Bruce

Merez, Marquez

Merritt, Henry

Mitchell, Jackie #

Moore, Harold

Nettles, Sydney

Pride, Donte

Reid Jr. Charles

Robinson, Frank #

Roberson II, Garry J.

Rogers, Leonard Tyrone

Shelly, Anthony (Nap)

Spahn, Ricky J.

Steele, Martin B.

Smith, Raymond * #

Taylor, Paul W.

Thompson, Wendall

Turman, Maurice

Walker, Charles

Walker, Gary

Walton, Robert

Williams, Greg

Wyatt, Donte T.

Youngblood, W.A.

* Denotes 50 Year Members

# Denotes Life Members


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Keeper of Records

Rodney Graham

Asst. Keeper of Records

Ron Lott


Maurice Turman

Lt. Strategus

Tyrone Rogers

Our Chapter Members

Board Member

Rickey Hereford

Board Member

George Conley, Jr.

Asst. Keeper of Exchequer

Stanley Griffith

Board Member Bernard Cooper

Immediate Past Polemarch

Donte T. Wyatt, Esq.

Chapter Reporter

DeJuan Lewis, Jr.