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Brothers of Chapter Invisible

The following beloved Brothers of the San Diego Alumni Chapter have since crossed the River Jordan and now reside in eternal rest on the Golden Shore, Until we meet again Brothers...

Indicates Charter Member: *

James O. Whaley: Polemarch *

Bert Ritchey *

Ernest Grady *

Roy E. Logan *

Alpha Montgomery *

Eugene Moore *

Isaac Rollins *

Robert Steele *

King Taylor *

John W. Young *

Loudin Beam

Edward Cain

Julius Campbell 
Whitney Carlin

Charlie Fletcher Carmichael Jr.

Clancy Davis

Honorable Earl B. Gilliam

Friedel Greene

Bobby Hatcher

Edgar J. Hayes
Honorable Napoleon A. Jones Jr.

Reverend William Johnson

Preston Kelly

Oscar Edward Knight III

John T. Lykes

R.J. Mitchell
Raymond T. Robinson

George Walker Smith, Rev.
Charles Thomas PhD

Doris "Pete" Wigfall

George W. White

Anthony Young

Joseph W. Joyner, MD

Leo Valentine, Judge. 

Sam Smith

James Hatcher

Earl (Coach) Hines
Aaron L. English

Eric C. Adams

Rufus Purdie

Logan, Theophilus A.

Rogers, Leonard Tyrone

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