About The San Diego Alumni Chapter

San Diego (CA) Alumni Chapter (W) of Kappa Alpha Psi Chartered
April 30, 1950.

Our chapter was founded by enterprising young men new to the San Diego area. During this time there were several Kappa’s’ in San Diego migrating from the Midwest. Most had migrated to the city during World War II for work in the defense industries, while others came as teachers and educators. The "Kappa Men" of San Diego regularly socialized, with some working together in their perspective fields. The closest Alumni Chapter at this time to San Diego was in Los Angeles and brothers James O. Whaley, Bert Ritchey and King Taylor along with other brothers decided an Alumni Chapter in San Diego was needed.


Since many of the men were married with families, the task of laying the groundwork for Chartering the Chapter was placed upon one of the youngest members of the Fraternity located in San Diego. Brother Roy Logan was initiated at the Alpha Mu Chapter (Lincoln, MO) and relocated to San Diego to attend San Diego State College. Brother Logan was tasked to secure all materials for the foundation of Chartering the San Diego Alumni Chapter.  Thomas Bradley, who had been appointed as Polemarch of the Western Province in 1947 was instrumental in providing guidance and assistance in getting the San Diego Alumni Chapter chartered.


The San Diego Alumni Chapter (SDAC) was established with James O. Whaley as Polemarch and Bert Ritchey as the Keeper of Records.  The Charter members of the San Diego Alumni Chapter were: James O. Whaley, Bert Ritchey, Ernest Grady, Alpha Montgomery, Eugene Moore, Isaac Rollins, Robert Steele, King Taylor and John W. Young.  Unfortunately Roy E. Logan had to leave San Diego for several years and was not listed as a Charter Member. He is however considered as one of the Charter Member of the San Diego Alumni Chapter by all members of the Chapter.



During the 70’s the SDAC flourished within both the Grand Chapter as well as the Western Province. On Sunday February 1, 1976 the San Diego Alumni Chapter and Delta Epsilon Chapter experienced a historical moment when joined by Founder Brother Edward Giles. Irvin, as they celebrated Founders Day.  It was the first time any founder of Kappa Alpha Psi had visited San Diego. Brothers in attendance were Senior Grand Vice Polemarch Randall Bacon, the guest speaker, Province Polemarch Robert L. Harris and San Diego charter members Roy E. Logan, Bert Richey, Ike Rollins, Robert Steele, Past Province Polemarch James O. Whaley: San Diego Polemarch Dr. William. E. Johnson and Delta Epsilon Polemarch Tony Fitch.  


At the 61st Grand Chapter meeting in Denver Colorado (1978) James O. Whaley received his Elder Watson Digs Award from Grand Polemarch Hillary H. Hillary. San Diego Charter members, Bert Richie, Past Province Board Member and James O. Whaley, Past Province Keeper of Records and Exchequer continued to be a strong force in the San Diego community and received much acclaim attending Western Province Meetings.


During this time the Annual Holiday Bike Drive was started by Brother Raymond T. Robinson during his tenure on the Board of Directors of the San Diego Jackie Robinson YMCA. Brother Robinson collected used bicycles and stored them in his garage. He would repair them from his own funds and donate them to the YMCA during the holiday season for needy children. After Brother Robinson passed to Chapter Invisible SDAC named the Annual Holiday Bike drive in honor of Brother Robinson. Today Brother Brett Fisher carries the torch and the chapter annually donates over one hundred bikes and helmets annually to children in San Diego!  


San Diego Alumni Chapter also hosts an annual Scholarship Golf Tournament with proceeds supporting a Scholarship fund for graduating high school seniors to assist in furthering their education at the college of their choice. The Annual Golf Tournament was renamed to honor the memories of San Diego Chapter members LTC Clancy Davis and Bobby L. Hatcher both avid golfers. Their legacies will never be forgotten and The San Diego Alumni Chapter is proud to have consecutively held twenty-four Golf Tournaments in their memory.


During the 80’s SDAC remained a premier chapter in the Western Province having Brother Doris “Pete” Wigfall (1986) elected as a Province Senior Vice Polemarch. During this same period, SDAC Charter Member Brother Roy E. Logan gained much recognition overseeing the SDAC Scholarship Program. And as an unsung hero, tirelessly chaired this committee for many years before passing the torch. Brothers Charles Kindred, Samuel Knight, Gary Walker and Ernest Clayton all eventually chaired the Scholarship Committee to annually recognize outstanding achievement by high school seniors. Four permanent scholarships are presented annually, named after the following San Diego Chapter members; Brothers: James O. Whaley, Bert Richie, Roy E. Logan and the Hon. Napoleon A. Jones.


During the 90’s and into the New Millennium, San Diego Alumni Chapter continued its legacy of excellence within the Western Province. Brother James Hatcher was elected as a Province Board member while SDAC continued a strong social calendar, regularly hosting; The Black and White Ball, Founders’ Day, Sweetheart’s Valentine Dinner, Holiday Bike Drive and Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament. Brother Jackie Mitchell was elected Province Senior Vice Polemarch at the 49th Province Council Phoenix Arizona (1996) continuing a tradition of Provincial service from SDAC members.


In 2001 Samuel B. Knight was appointed and then elected eight times as Province Senior Vice Polemarch! Under Brother Knight’s leadership the Province to new heights, with even more Brothers from San Diego being recognized for their commitment and service excellence to the Province! Brother Ernest G. Clayton was bestowed the James L Bradford Award at the 60th Province Council Meeting in 2007 and also appointed by the 21stWestern Province Polemarch Curtis R. Silvers as the Province Historian. Brother Clayton has subsequently been re-elected Province Historian at the 61st, 62nd, 63rd, and 64th Province Councils!


Brother Frank B. Robinson Jr. a past SDAC Polemarch and current outgoing Delta Epsilon chapter advisor, was bestowed the James L. Bradford award at the 62nd Province Council 2009 with Brother Jackie Mitchell being bestowed his James L. Bradford Award at the 63th Province Council 2010!


On October 1, 2009 Samuel B. Knight was appointed as the 22nd Western Province Polemarch by the 31st Grand Polemarch Dwayne M. Murry, Esq. Brother Knight served in that position leading the Western Province into a new century and new paradigm of service! Brother Ernest G. Clayton served as the Province Historian from 2008 until 2012, with his Western Province Historical Display seen at the Centennial 80th Grand Chapter Meeting in Indianapolis that depicted a unique view of the Western Province though archives and photos.


On October 3, 2011 the current 32nd Grand Polemarch William “Randy” Bates Esq., appointed Brother Jackie R. Mitchell as Chairmen of the Achievement Commission. Also that year at the 65th Western Province Council in Oakland California, Brother Frank B. Robinson Jr., was unanimously elected as a member of the Western Province Board of Directors. On July 1, 2012, 32nd Grand Polemarch William “Randy” Bates Jr., Esq., officially appointed Brother Ernest G. Clayton as a member of the Laurel Wreath Commission. The San Diego Alumni Chapter is proud of the many accomplishments and achievements made by its members to the Bond on National as well as Provincial levels.


On December 31, 2013 the 32nd Grand Polemarch accepted Brother Samuel B. Knight resignation as Province Polemarch and appointed his successor Brother Gilbert Brown.  Brother Knight’s many accomplishments and impact to the direction of our chapter and the Western Province will never be forgotten, as here is a direct quote from Brother Knight’s final letter to the Province:


“After serving as your Sr. Province Polemarch from November 2001 to September 30, 2009, and Province Polemarch from October 1, 2009 until now, I just feel that it is time to go. I have given all that I have to give and I did not want to just "go through the motions". You see Brothers, having a title or office has never been something that I have strived for in Kappa. I just wanted to serve! 


Having said that, I would like to thank all of the Brothers that have helped me over the past four years. All of you that served with me as an officer, served as a committee chairman, served as field deputies, served as Chapter Advisors, and served as special appointed admin assistants.


But most of all, I want to thank you, the Brothers of the Western Province! Without your help and support, this administration would not have been able to do the things that we were able to do! It is never about the leaders of an organization, it is about those that are out front and those that are the backbone of it! Thank you so much my Brothers! I love you all! Just remember, I will still be around, just going back to work in my local alumni chapter (of which I never left)”.


San Diego Alumni Chapter-Polemarch’s


1950 – 1953 James O. Whaley

1956 – 1958 George W. White

1960 – 1962 Bert Richey, Esq. 

1964 – 1966 Carter C. Smith

1968 – 1970 Noble W. Shade

1972 – 1973 Bert Richey, Esq.

1975 – 1976 Rev. William E. Johnson

1978 – 1981 Richard “Tip” Calvin, Jr

1982 – 1983 George White 

1985 – 1987 Earl Hines

1989 – 1991 Jackie R. Mitchell

1993 – 1994 Raymond T. Robinson

1995 – 1996 Earl Hines

1998 – 2001 Samuel B. Knight, LCDR USN

2002 – 2003 Brett W. Fisher

2004 – 2006 Frank B. Robinson, Jr

2008 – 2009 John Al-Amin, Ed.D

2010 – 2012 Daryl J. Forbes

2013 – 2015 Aaron L. English

2017 – Present Donte T. Wyatt, Esq.


1953 – 1956 Bert Richey, Esq.

1958 – 1960 Ernest C. Grady

1962 – 1964 John A. Dogett

1966 – 1968 George W. White

1970 – 1972 T. A. Logan, MAJ USA

1973 – 1975 James O. Whaley

1976 – 1978 Edgar J. Hayes

1981 – 1982 Clifton Blevins

1983 – 1985 Rickey Hereford

1987 – 1989 Rufus Purdie

1991 – 1993 James Hatcher

1994 – 1995 Charles Kindred

1996 – 1998 Larry Johnson, Ed.D

2001 – 2002 Earl Hines

2003 – 2004 Rufus Purdie

2006 – 2008 Eric C. Adams

2009 – 2010 Ernest G. Clayton

2012 – 2013 Jefferson Brown, III

2015 – 2017 Henry Foster, III